Top news for December 21, 2008

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A Japanese company is about to attempt a Moon landing

Here Are the Places Most at Risk From Record-Shattering Heat

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for a Cutting-Edge Tsunami Early Warning System

Asteroid's comet-like tail Is not made of dust, solar observatories reveal

The Changing Twitter Landscape For Climate Scientists And The Scarlet Letter Of ‘Verification’

She Redefined Trauma. Then Trauma Redefined Her.

In Photos: Northern Lights Seen As Far As US-Mexico Border As Massive Solar Storm Arrives

Synthetic Biology Is Set To Explode, But Only Once This Huge Bottleneck Is Gone

Why A New Spacecraft Is Now On Its Way To Photograph Jupiter’s ‘Dead’ Moon 21 Times

Seahorses Have an Insanely Powerful 'Gulp' That Lets Them Suck Down Food Fast