Top news for 2023-04-23

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Why A Leak At The Bottom Of The Pacific Ocean Has Scientists Worried About ‘The Big One’

Can We Make a System That Will Anticipate Violent Crises? These Researchers Think So

Not Just One Type – Identifying Cancer Genes’ Multiple Personalities

Rare “Cosmogenic Radionuclides” Help Unlock Mysteries in the Andes

Scientists May Have Solved The Mystery of How The Andes Got So Big

Trillions of Miles Away – Distant Supernovae May Impact the Diversity of Life on Earth

Hydrogen’s Hidden Phase: Machine Learning Unlocks the Secrets of the Universe’s Most Abundant Element

Fighting Against Both Chronic Inflammatory and Infectious Diseases – Harnessing the Healing Power Within Our Cells

Chinese Censorship Is Quietly Rewriting the Covid-19 Story

Weird skin-eating amphibians have no legs due to snake-like mutation