Top news for December 21, 2008

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SpaceX Starship Launch Causes Cloud of Dust and Debris

We Could Soon See Landslides on Europa and Ganymede

Puppy Nutrition: How a Meat-Based Diet Protects Dogs From Future Digestive Problems

“Completely Unknown Until Now” – New Intracellular Smoke Detector Discovered

Adorable Octopus Species Has Stripes as Unique as Human Fingerprints

Harvard Scientists Uncover New Strategy for Repairing DNA Damage in Neurons

When Galaxies Collide: Twin Quasars Blaze Bright at “Cosmic Noon”

Radical New Space Observatory Would Gravitationally Lens Exoearths

Martian base on Earth set to host first ‘astronauts’

Bay Area Hospital Reinstitutes Face Mask Mandate After Covid-19 Outbreak