Top news for December 21, 2008

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Airbus unveils futuristic space station concept (photos)

​​By Traveling To The Edges Of Earth, Team Seeks To Amplify Untold Stories Of Ocean Conservation

Starship launch livestream: Watch as SpaceX begins second attempt

U.S. Authorizes a New Round of Covid Boosters

The Lucky Country? Today’s ‘Hybrid’ Total Solar Eclipse Is Australia’s First Of Five In Just 15 Years

Spacewalk Success: Cosmonauts Move Roscosmos Radiator on International Space Station

Magnet Mayhem: How Meteorite Hunters Accidentally Destroy Scientific Goldmines

Breathtaking Images Show The Sun Disappear in Rare, Hybrid Solar Eclipse

A Hidden Underwater Resource Is Worth Way More Than Expected, Study Reveals

This String Theory "Star" Looks And Acts Exactly Like a Black Hole