Top news for 2023-04-19

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Identification of tunnels connecting neurons in the developing brain

Women In Longevity And The Renaissance Of The SENS Research Foundation

How to watch the Lyrids meteor shower tonight

Solar Eclipse 2023: Seven Things You Need To Know About This Week’s Rare And Strange ‘Hybrid’-Total Eclipse Of The Sun

Trying to Find Your Place in the World? Try Birding From a Different Angle.

Volcanic Sulfur May Color Barn Owl Feathers Red

See This Week’s Rare ‘Hybrid’ Total Solar Eclipse On YouTube At These Exact Times

A Rare Event Is About to Send Parts of Australia Into Darkness

Scientists Uncover the Unexpected True Identity of “Tequila” Worms

Ancient DNA Sheds Light on Wooly Mammoth Evolution, And They Weren't Always So Fluffy