Top news for 2023-04-15

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Scientist Captures Rare Footage of a 30-Minute-Long Tardigrade Threesome

Unlock Your Brain’s Potential: How To Exercise Your Way to a Sharper Mind

Watch SpaceX Dragon cargo ship depart space station today

China scientists carry out ‘rule-breaking’ AI experiment in space

New Research Reveals That Muscle Health Depends on Lipid Synthesis

New Study: COVID-19 Omicron Variant Is More Deadly Than the Seasonal Flu

China could start building a moon base with lunar-soil bricks in 5 years, amid NASA fears of a moon territory dispute

Graphene is a special material. Among its many talents, it can act as a superconductor, generate a super-rare form of magnetism, and unlock entirely new quantum states.

We've Been Eating a Mighty Prey For 170,000 Years, Says New Study: Giant Land Snails

Fewer Unwanted Mutations – New Technique Opens the Door to Safer Gene Editing