Top news for 2023-04-14

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AI Dramatically Enhances The First-Ever Image of a Black Hole

Investors Hold The Key To Fusion And Our Clean Energy Future

JUICE livestream: Watch the launch of ESA’s mission to Jupiter’s moons

Five Paradise Islands And Bays About To Experience A Jaw-Dropping Total Solar Eclipse

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Gets a Major Software Upgrade. Curiosity Mars rover will drive faster and reduce wear on its wheels thanks to two of the new capabilities included with a major software update that was completed on April 7.

US Coast Guard Seizes 1,000 Pounds Of Illegally Caught Sharks

Satisfying Relationships: The Surprising Secret to Lowering Your Risk of Multiple Chronic Diseases?

Cheaper and More Efficient: New Camera Could Help Scientists Forecast Volcano Eruptions Affecting Millions

How octopuses taste with their arms

Experimental Probiotic May Prevent Organ Damage From Alcohol, Scientists Say