Top news for 2023-04-13

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1st-ever black hole image sharpened by machine learning (photo)

You Can Get Covid-19 From Coronavirus-Contaminated Surfaces, New Study Confirms

Juul Reaches $462 Million Settlement With New York, California and Other States

What Happens Next in the Mifepristone Abortion Drug Case

Virginia Norwood, ‘Mother’ of Satellite Imaging Systems, Dies at 96

Dinosaur Skulls From Across The Globe Show How Ancient Continents Were Linked

A fireball landed in the US last week, and now there's a reward to find it | CNN

Europe’s Juice Mission Will Launch to Jupiter and Its Moons: How to Watch

For The First Time, Sleep Apnea Is Shown to Cause Cognitive Decline

New 'Cosmic Ladder' Measurement Leaves Us With a Major Physics Problem