Top news for 2023-04-12

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New Study: ChatGPT Can Influence Users’ Moral Judgments

The NYPD's Robot Dog Was a Really Bad Idea: Here's What Went Wrong

Most Planets in the Galaxy Orbit Stars You Can't Even See

Vaccines For Lyme Disease And Norovirus? Moderna Working On Shots Targeting Tick-Borne Infection And Vomiting Bug

A Psychologist Lists 3 Reasons Why Women Cheat – And How To Prevent It

How To See The 2023 Lyrid Meteor Shower This Month

Biden Administration Proposes Evenly Cutting Water Allotments From Colorado River

See Europe’s Billion-Dollar Spacecraft Blast-Off To Jupiter And Ganymede This Week

This Strange New Map Of ‘Dark Matter’ Proves Einstein Was Right, Say Scientists

Sea Cucumbers Shoot a Weird, Sticky Organ From Their Butt to Fight Off Predators