Top news for 2023-04-11

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Abortion Ruling Could Undermine the F.D.A.’s Drug-Approval Authority

New findings that map the universe's cosmic growth support Einstein's theory of gravity

See A New Planet Being Born While Buried In Dust 350 Light-Years Away

See A Brilliant Venus Beside A Breathtaking Bundle Of Stars: The Night Sky This Week

A Psychologist Breaks Down The Storm That Creates ‘Incel’ Men – And Offers A Solution

Baseball Players Are Hitting More Home Runs--And Climate Change Is Helping

Astronomers Spy a Giant Runaway Black Hole's Starry Wake

Elon Musk Says His SpaceX Starship Is Ready To Launch To Orbit

2 High School Students Prove Pythagorean Theorem. Here's What That Means

Tuberculosis-Infectious Woman Refuses To Get Treatment And Isolate, Putting Public At Risk