Top news for 2023-04-10

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Abortion Ruling Could Undermine the F.D.A.’s Drug-Approval Authority

How Medication Abortion with RU-486/Mifepristone Works

A Swedish Warship Sank in 1628. It’s Still Yielding Secrets.

You Can Get Covid-19 From Coronavirus-Contaminated Surfaces, New Study Confirms

Astronomers Blown Away By New NASA Webb Images Of ‘Cassiopeia A’ Supernova Remnant

The World Bank Is Getting a New Chief. Will He Pivot Toward Climate Action?

The Unexpected Contribution Of Medieval Monks To Volcanology

Can Heartbreak Music Help You Move Past A Breakup? A Psychologist Weighs In

Covid-19 During Pregnancy Linked To Severe Brain Damage In 2 Infants

See A New Planet Being Born While Buried In Dust 350 Light-Years Away