Top news for 2023-04-09

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E.P.A. Is Said to Propose Rules Meant to Drive Up Electric Car Sales Tenfold

What’s Going On With the Abortion Pill Rulings by Federal Judges?

You Can Get Covid-19 From Coronavirus-Contaminated Surfaces, New Study Confirms

Abortion Pill Cases Appear Headed to the Supreme Court

Mars helicopter Ingenuity prepares for 50th flight of 5-flight mission

New Hope for Those Living With Paralysis: Nerve Stimulation Therapy Could Allow Patients To Regain Arm Function

How Long Is the Present? Researchers Discover That the Answer Depends on Your Heart

Physicists Extend Qubit Lifespan in Pivotal Validation of Quantum Computing

Stay Cold Without the Cost: Scientists Create Colorful Cooling Films

Decoding Aspirin: New Research Unveils the Secrets Behind Its Powerful Effects