Top news for December 21, 2008

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Texas Judge Invalidates FDA Approval of the Abortion Pill Mifepristone

Deluges of Antarctic Meltwater Threaten to Collapse The Oceans' Circulation Currents

Long-Lost Letter Shows That Einstein Predicted That Animals Had 'Super Senses'

Dark Photon Dark Matter Breakthrough: Trailblazing Cryogenic Detection Techniques

Astronomers May Have Detected a Hypothetical 'Strange Star' in Space

New Study: Mental Fatigue Can Impair Physical Exercise

Cracking the Autism Code: Brain Study Reveals Four Distinct Subtypes

The Breaking Point: Lost Missions at Mars (NASA Documentary)

Worming Their Way Into the Secrets of Cell Differentiation – A “Startling” Discovery

Chimpanzees may have an adolescent growth spurt like humans