Top news for 2023-04-02

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A Bad Night's Sleep Can Ruin Your Work Day. Here's What You Can Do About It

Study Confirms That Common Fertilizer Compound Can Release Uranium Into Groundwater

Pale Blue Successfully Operates its Water-Based Propulsion System in Orbit

Case Report: Oil With CBD and THC Significantly Reduced Pain in Cat With Chronic Osteoarthritic Pain

In a recent study (N=536), of a list of 88 acts that impact willingness to stay in an intimate relationship, the ones rated to have the greatest negative impact were: "Does not care about me," "Does not treat well our children," and "Tries to control me."

Bracing for Impact: NASA’s New AI Model To Defend Earth From Dangerous Space Weather

Astronomers Just Found a Radio Galaxy That Turned Into a Blazar

Saturn’s Moon Titan Beckons As NASA’s Dragonfly Mission Achieves Critical Milestone

Needle-Free Revolution: Painless “MOF-Jet” Delivers Vaccines With a Puff of Compressed Gas

Colliding Taffy Galaxies create a sweet 'cosmic butterfly' (video)