Top news for 2023-03-29

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How To See 5 Planets Line Up In The Sky With The Moon This Week

Over-the-Counter Narcan Could Save More Lives. But Price and Stigma Are Obstacles.

‘Einstein Ring’ Light-Bending Reveals One Of The Biggest Black Holes Ever Found

Ultramassive Black Hole Discovered to Be 33 Billion Times More Massive Than The Sun

Europa’s Ice Rotates at a Different Speed From its Interior. Now We May Know Why

Long Covid Brain Changes Mirror Those of Chronic Fatigue, Brain Scans Reveal

China discovers strange glass beads on moon that may contain billions of tons of water

Beetles Hydrate by Drinking Through Their Butt Holes. Here's How They Do It

Disadvantage: New Study Identifies Surprising Factor That May Account for Women’s Increased Risk of Dementia

You're Probably Reading Body Language All Wrong. Here's What an Expert Suggests