Top news for 2023-03-25

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Elon Musk Tweets ‘Countries Should Not Cede Authority To WHO,’ Here’s Why That’s Not Happening

The Income Gap Is Becoming a Physical-Activity Divide

Misophonia Turns Out to Be Way More Common Than We Thought

An 83-year-old blind man has partly regained his sight following groundbreaking surgery: the procedure, a world first, involved transplanting the entire surface of his blind left eye into his blind right one

CERN measurement casts doubt on shocking W boson result

Unlocking the Secrets of Distant Worlds: How Webb’s Coronagraphs Reveal Exoplanets in the Infrared

Climate Change Is Increasing Human-Wildlife Conflicts Globally

In a Roman Tomb, ‘Dead Nails’ Reveal an Occult Practice

NASA Technologist Talks What’s Needed For Interstellar Travel

Alien mothership lurking in our solar system could be watching us with tiny probes, Pentagon official suggests