Top news for December 21, 2008

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3 Signs It’s Time To End A Friendship, According To A Psychologist

Volcanic Activity on Mars Upends Red Planet Assumptions

Butterflies Inspire Paint Without Pigments

Weather In Aviation Poses Safety, Timing Concerns For Spring Travel

Trilobites Had An Extra Pair Of Eyes, New Fossil Discovery Shows

Why Genome Sequencing Is So Controversial: 100,000 Newborns This Year Will Be Tested In The U.K., Joining NYC

A Rare Near-Earth Comet Just Buzzed Earth, Possibly Raining Down Fireballs

Most Dangerous Fungi: Here’s What WHO Lists As Highest Priority

U.S.-China Collaboration Could Cut Development Time, Cost For New Cancer Treatments

New, Better Models Show How Infectious Diseases Like COVID-19 Spread