Top news for December 21, 2008

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IPCC climate change report: Can we avoid 1.5°C of global warming?

Harnessing incoherence to make sense of real-world networks

Babesiosis, a Tick-Borne Disease, Is on the Rise in the Northeast, C.D.C. Reports

Squeak Squeak, Buzz Buzz: How Researchers Are Using AI to Talk to Animals

Here's the Real Story behind the Massive 'Blob' of Seaweed Heading toward Florida

Three Easy Ways to Make AI Chatbots Safer

What High-Tech Prizes Does the Downed U.S. Drone Hold? Russia Really Wants to Know

How the Psychology of Silicon Valley Contributed to a Bank Collapse

The Secret Behind Japan’s Delicious Strawberries: Kerosene

Florida Bill Could Ban Elementary Schools From Talking About Menstrual Periods