Top news for December 21, 2008

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Liquid nitrogen spray could clean up stubborn moon dust

SpaceX Crew-8 astronaut mission: Live updates

Evolution Turns These Knobs to Make a Hummingbird Hyperquick and a Cavefish Sluggishly Slow

Solar Flare And Explosions Bringing Bright Aurora And Geomagnetic Storms To Millions

Rural Hospitals Are Shuttering Their Maternity Units

Tesla’s Full Self Driving Isn’t The Only Technology With Speed Sign Detection Problems

Meet Form Bio, The Spinout From The Woolly Mammoth Company That Just Raised $150 Million

Breaking Down A Rare ‘Satellite’ Tornado-Merger Event In Georgia

China Responds To Lab Leak Report—Says U.S. Is ‘Politicizing’ Search For Covid Origins

Republican And Democratic Leaders Agree On This One Thing - Scientists Around The World Cheer!