Top news for 2023-02-19

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Scientists Discover a Simple Way To Reduce Feelings of Guilt

What Is That Bright White ‘Star’ Shining In The Southwest After Sunset?

How Climate Change Is Making Tampons (and Lots of Other Stuff) More Expensive

New Idaho Bill Would Criminalize Anyone Administering Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines

Moon Mountain Named in Honor of NASA Mathematician and Computer Programmer

A Universal Vaccine? New Computer Model of Flu Virus Shows Promise

Study of Ancient Proteins Clarifies Mystery of Crocodiles’ Unique Hemoglobin

Racism takes a toll on the brain, research shows. Neuroimaging studies reveal how the chronic stress of structural racism and discrimination damages brain circuits and mental health

NASA Funds Disruptive Space Tech To Detect Very Nearby ExoEarths

A Lifeline for Corals: How Better Access to Sunlight Can Save the Reefs