Top news for 2023-02-17

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How To Embrace Your New-Found Singlehood

Are Black Holes the Source of Dark Energy?

SpaceX Crew-6 and Crew-7 astronaut mission: Live updates

Unprovoked Shark Attacks Declined In 2022

New Migraine Drug Offers Sufferers Hope Of ‘Fast-Acting Relief’ Via Nasal Spray, Pfizer Says

Religious Hermit Found Buried in The Fetal Position, And Archeologists Aren't Sure Why

JWST Has Captured Gorgeous Clouds of Star Formation in Other Galaxies

Microsoft's Bing Chatbot Has Started Acting Defensive And Talking Back to Users

Hypnotizing Underwater Footage Shows Rapidly Melting Cracks Below 'Doomsday' Glacier

Progress Underway on NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Moon Rockets for Artemis II, III, and IV