Top news for 2023-02-12

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Norovirus Surging, 225 Outbreaks In U.S. This Season Per CDC

New Species Discovered: The Largest Penguin That Ever Lived

All The Arthropods That Call Earth's Land Home Weigh More Than Humans And Livestock

A New Potential Method To Treat Superbug Infections

Ultrasonic “Tornado”: A New Faster Way To Break Down Blood Clots

Childbirth Is Deadlier for Black Families Even When They’re Rich, Expansive Study Finds

Can You Trust Your Quantum Simulator? MIT Physicists Report a New Quantum Phenomenon

NASA Conducts Test of Redesigned RS-25 Moon Rocket Engine

Be hypnotized by this mesmerizing blue and gold spiral galaxy (photo)

A chemical imbalance doesn’t explain depression. So what does?