Top news for December 21, 2008

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A Psychologist Offers Advice On How To Not Let Your Strong Opinions Isolate You

In the Fight Over Gas Stoves, Meet the Industry’s Go-To Scientist

Inhaling Car Fumes Can Change a Brain's Connectivity in Just 2 Hours, Study Finds

Astronomers Find 25 Fast Radio Bursts That Repeat on a Regular Basis

Tiny Radioactive Object Goes Missing in Australia, Sparks Urgent Search

Physicists Discover a New Approach for Solving the Bizarre Dark Energy Mystery

Lightning Strikes Create a Strange Form of Crystal Rarely Seen in Nature

Hubble Space Telescope Explores a Turbulent Tarantula

Unlocking the Secrets of Climate Change: Linking Fossil Proxies to Living Bacteria

A recent study shows once again that Swiss society is not equal when it comes to life expectancy in good health. An inequality persists and is growing between university graduates and those who did not study beyond compulsory schooling.