Top news for 2023-01-28

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Rep. Taylor Greene Appointed To Coronavirus Pandemic Subcommittee Despite Her Covid-19 Claims

As the Colorado River Shrinks, Washington Prepares to Spread the Pain

Effects Of The Last Ice Age Glaciation Are Visible In American Crocodile DNA—But How Did They Get There?

Ancient Asteroid Provides Insight Into the Evolution of Our Solar System

Babies May Not Be Born With a Microbiome After All, Scientists Say

Devastating Consequences: How a Single Oil Spill Can Disrupt the Global Energy Supply

Modeling Solar Winds: Simulations Reproduce Complex Fluctuations in Soft X-Ray Signal Detected by Satellites

Transistors Repurposed As Microchip “Clock” To Address Security Concerns and Supply Chain Weakness

European Space Agency seeks more use of logo, mission patches on merchandise

Watch the moon eclipse Uranus tonight