Top news for 2023-01-27

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NASA's James Webb Space Telescope mission — Live updates

Rep. Taylor Greene Appointed To Coronavirus Pandemic Subcommittee Despite Her Covid-19 Claims

A Covid Test Targeting The Fast-Spreading XBB.1.5 ‘Kraken’ Variant Is Being Developed By Scientists

A Truck-Sized Asteroid Will Pass Earth In One Of Nearest Misses On Record — Here’s How To Watch It

Does Your Dog Know When You’re Teasing Him?

A Psychologist Demystifies The Trend Of Microdosing Psychedelics

Humans Have Degraded More Than A Third Of The Amazon Rainforest, Researchers Say

Just 28% Of Americans Are Exercising Enough, CDC Says—And It’s Even Lower In Some Regions

Covid Vaccines Targeting Omicron Should Be Standard, Panel Says

Archaeologists Find Hidden Ruins of 'Complete' Roman-Era City in Egypt