Top news for 2023-01-25

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Physicist encourages continuing the search for life in Venus’ atmosphere

E.P.A. Struggles With Workload in Wake of Staff Exodus

A ‘Dark Horse’ In The Quantum Computing Race Raises €100 Million

Doomsday Clock—Measuring Humanity’s Threat Of Self-Annihilation—Moves To 90 Seconds To Midnight. Here’s What To Know.

A Psychologist Explains How To Deal With This Invisible Form Of Grief

Bighorn Sheep Abortions Caused By A Common Parasite In Cats

Commercial Asteroid Mining Now Has A 2023 Launch Date To Scout Its First Target

7 Reasons To Ignore The Hype About The ‘Green Comet’ (And Why You Need Binoculars)

F.D.A. Proposes Limits for Lead in Baby Food

Satellite Sees Iceberg Twice The Size Of New York City Breaking Away From Antarctica