Top news for December 21, 2008

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When you feel sick, you can thank your brain – it’s helping you heal. Researchers uncover specific brain circuits that are activated when we are sick that cause fever, reduce appetite and cause lethargy, which aids recovery.

Found: A Super-Bright ‘Zombie Star’ Last Seen 842 Years Ago

Debunking Previous Misconceptions: New Study Indicates That Potatoes Are Healthier Than You Think

This Asteroid Has Survived For 4 Billion Years. That Could Be a Huge Problem

Space Station Crew Kicks Off Week With Bone Research and Physics Studies

Sword Mistaken For Replica Is Actually An Ancient 3,000-Year-Old Weapon

Astronomers Just Realized The Milky Way Is Too Big For Its Surroundings

Poor Gut Health May Drive Multiple Sclerosis — But a Better Diet May Ease It

A ‘Dark Horse’ In The Quantum Computing Race Raises €100 Million

Time Warp: How Crowding on Public Transit Can Distort Our Perception of Time