Top news for 2023-01-22

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The Hidden Cost of Face Masks: Study Shows Negative Impact on Cognitive Performance

A new Propulsion System Could Levitate Vehicles in the Earth’s Upper Atmosphere

Losing Focus May Actually Boost Learning, Study Finds

Scientists Recycle Previously Unrecyclable Plastic

Nature’s Decline: The Distance Between Humans and Nature Is Growing

Buzz Aldrin marries ‘longtime love’ on 93rd birthday

Directly Challenging Our Understanding of Nuclear Force: Scientists Discover Strongest Isospin Mixing Ever Observed

NASA and Boeing Partner To Design Greener, More Fuel-Efficient Airliner of Future

The Mars Helicopter Opportunity Has Completed It's 39th Flight. Soon it will take off for the 40th time, travelling 171m/560ft forward at 10m/40ft high.

A total of 1409 exposures were taken during Apollo 11 mission, with 1408 useable images: 857 on black & white film and 551 on color film