Top news for December 21, 2008

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A top U.S. science oversight board is about to get much more diverse

New Nuclear Rocket Design to Send Missions to Mars in Just 45 Days

Hannes Keller, Swiss Deep-Sea Diving Pioneer, Is Dead at 88

Pfizer Covid-19 Bivalent Vaccine And Stroke Risk: What You Need To Know

A Fake Death in Romancelandia

Tourists Are Loving Hawaii’s Coral Reefs To Death

This Biomarker Can Foreshadow Early Alzheimer's Years Before Symptoms

New Research: Blood Pressure Highly Likely To Cause Neurotic Personality Trait

Why This Trilobite Had Neptune’s Trident for a Nose: A new paper suggests an ancient creature’s odd anatomical feature may be the earliest known example of specialized sexual combat in the animal kingdom

Improving Memory: New Study Finds That Moderate Stress Is Actually Good for You