Top news for 2023-01-12

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Climate Change Increases Fish Food Fights

No, Biden Is Not Trying to Ban Gas Stoves

We Exist Inside a Giant Space Bubble, And Scientists Have Finally Mapped It

Diabetes Medications Linked to Multiple Sclerosis: New Study Uncovers Surprising Connection

Will Pluto finally answer, ‘Are we alone?’

This Female Insect Pokes Out a 'Penis' to Penetrate The Male 'Vagina'

A New Chapter in Climate Science – 390-Million-Year-Old Seawater Pockets Uncovered

Small Fish Could Play a Big Role in the Fight Against Malnutrition

Rocket Lab Sets New Date for First Electron Launch From U.S. Soil | Rocket Lab

Oceans Broke Yet Another Heat Record in 2022, Scientists Warn