Top news for 2023-01-11

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Joseph Torg, Doctor Who Fought to Lessen Football Injuries, Dies at 88

Restoration of the Ozone Layer Is Back on Track, Scientists Say

Good News For Everyone Who Wants Humanity To Live: Steve Forbes Roasts 60 Minutes ‘Extinction Report’

Did China Break The Quantum Barrier?

Climate Change Increases Fish Food Fights

Rare Comet Will Pass Earth For First Time In 50,000 Years: How To Watch And What It Means For The Past

Not Just Waistlines: Exercise Can Change the Very Molecules in the Human Body That Influence How Genes Behave

Second potentially habitable Earth-size planet found orbiting nearby star | CNN

NASA’s retired Compton mission data reveals the brief existence of a superheavy neutron star shortly before it collapsed into a black hole — This fleeting, massive object likely formed from the collision of two neutron stars

The Great Salt Lake Could Vanish Within Just 5 Years, Scientists Warn