Top news for December 21, 2008

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Fiery Destruction Expected: NASA Earth Radiation Budget Satellite To Reenter Atmosphere Today

Scientists Discover a New Species of Ancient Marine Turtles: Largest Ever Found in Europe

Brain Games May Predict How Bad Your Next Cold Will Be

Puzzling Biochemists for Decades: Reconstruction of Two-Billion-Year-Old Enzyme Solves a Long-Standing Mystery

Itchy Eyes and a Runny Nose? Climate Change Could Be Responsible

Powerful X-Class Solar Flare Erupts From Sun – Captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

This is our best look yet at how young stars stifle planetary formation

NASA's moon-orbiting space station will be claustrophobic, architect says

What is Intuitive Machines and how is it aiming for the moon?

This Week @NASA: Orion Spacecraft Returns, Mars Sample Deposited, InSight Mars Lander Mission Ends