Top news for 2023-01-07

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How a Nuclear Dump in Taiwan Created a Generation of Activists

Men's Interest in Sex Linked to Risk of Early Death, Japanese Study Finds

Marine Disaster: Ships May Be Fueling a Coral-Killing Epidemic

NASA's Voyager probes are slowly powering down. Here are 18 groundbreaking photos from their 45-year mission.

Quantum money that uses the mathematics of knots could be unforgeable

Health Experts Warily Eye XBB.1.5, the Latest Omicron Subvariant

Hubble Space Telescope captures exquisite view of nearby star cluster before it fades away

Space mining startups see a rich future on asteroids and the moon

Hubble Finds Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: Mysterious “Ghost” Stars Wandering Around for Billions of Years

Current Climate: Solar Power From Space, Tesla Misses Expectations And New EVs For 2023