Top news for 2023-01-06

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Fathoming the Mysterious Hidden Heatwaves That Threaten Coral Reefs

Scientists Sequence The Genomes Of Endangered Sharks

California Storms Test State’s Approach to Controlling Weather

CES 2023: The New ‘Smart Telescope’ That Lets You Stay Indoors While It Shows You Spectacular Images

Damar Hamlin’s Neurological Recovery Reaches a ‘Turning Point’

NASA Telescopes Spot Bizarre Nearby Exoplanets Likely Covered By Water And Steam

COVID Is Doing Something to Our Sleep, And Even to Our Dreams

Revolutionary Cancer Vaccine Simultaneously Kills and Prevents Brain Tumors

Wandering Stars Have Been Adrift Between Galaxies for Billions of Years

This Frozen Cave Lion Is So Well Preserved You Can Still See Its Whiskers