Top news for 2023-01-02

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As Covid-19 Continues to Spread, So Does Misinformation About It

Omicron XBB.1.5 Rapidly Becomes New Dominant Covid-19 Subvariant, Here Are The Concerns

A Radiation Spike Struck NASA’s Juno Just As It Took This Jaw-Dropping New Image

The Full ‘Wolf Moon’ Meets Mars As ‘Fireballs’ Fall: The Night Sky This Week

The Year’s First Meteor Shower Peaks This Week. Here’s When To See ‘Fireballs’

Bringing back California's wild bees — “There are about 1,500 to 1,700 species of wild bees in California,” she says. To her, the state is “the Amazon for bee diversity.”

Robots Are Taking Over Jobs, but Don’t Panic Yet

Is Antarctica blooming?

Hubble Explores the Dazzling Stellar Wonders of NGC 6355

5 stunning archaeological discoveries that may finally be unearthed in 2023