Top news for December 21, 2008

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New Measurements of Galaxy Rotation Lean Towards Modified Gravity as an Explanation for Dark Matter

Want to Build Structures on the Moon? Just Blast the Regolith With Microwaves

The heat flow and lithospheric thickness of Venus may be similar to those of Earth, according to analysis of data collected by the Magellan spacecraft.

We Asked a NASA Scientist: Are Hurricanes Getting Stronger?

Signatures of Alien Technology: The Key to Finding Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life

Trouble Falling Asleep at Night? Daytime Light Exposure May Be Key

What's the largest desert in the world?

Best Space Station Science Imagery of 2022

People Who See Themselves As 'Good-looking' Offend Others More, Study Finds

Scientists Have Created a New Type of Optical Atomic Clock