Top news for 2022-12-30

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Could getting rid of old cells turn back the clock on aging? | Researchers are investigating medicines that selectively kill decrepit cells.

Scientists Reveal Two Simple Words That Can Improve Your Relationship

Protetox Reviews: Proven Weight Loss Pills or Serious Side Effects Risk?

New CDC Warning: Invasive Group A Strep Infections Rising Among Children

Measles Outbreak In Ohio: 82 Children Infected, 32 Hospitalized, Most Are Unvaccinated

FDA Approves Drug Which Makes Lung Cancer Glow

Electric Spark Creates ‘Impossible Quasicrystal’ On Earth

How Bad Is China’s Covid Outbreak? It’s a Scientific Guessing Game.

Justice Dept. Sues AmerisourceBergen Over Role in Opioid Crisis

We May Finally Know Why Some People Don't Recover Their Sense of Smell After COVID