Top news for 2022-12-28

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Key Micronutrients: Study Identifies Supplements That Benefit Cardiovascular Health

Enzyme that protects against viruses could fuel cancer evolution

Compared to Neanderthals, Human Brain Growth is Slow and Steady

7 Women on Egg Freezing: Hope, Regret, Uncertainty

Epidemics That Weren’t: How Countries Shut Down Recent Outbreaks

Cosmos’ First Stars Remain Elusive But Astronomers Are Closing In

Female Southern Pied Babblers Get Stupider As They Produce More Offspring

A Psychologist Explains Why New Habits Work Better Than New Year’s Resolutions

We’re Going to see at Least Five More SLS Rockets Launch in the Coming Years

The success rate of Russian space launches in the last four years was 100 percent, the Roscosmos space agency reported