Top news for December 21, 2008

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Unlocking cancer's ancestry

An ‘Alien Door,’ A Black Hole And Webb’s Debut: The Best 15 Space Photos Of 2022, Ranked

A Surprising Consequence of Cannabis Legalization: Higher Alcohol Consumption

Researchers here identified part of the cerebral mechanism that controls the quality and quantity of sleep, a groundbreaking achievement that is expected to lead to new treatments for sleep disorders

Louis Pasteur, germ theory and the first life-saving vaccines

Planetary Interiors in TRAPPIST-1 System Could be Affected by Stellar Flares

The Webb Telescope Is Just Getting Started

Epidemics That Weren’t: How Countries Shut Down Recent Outbreaks

Cosmos’ First Stars Remain Elusive But Astronomers Are Closing In

What Happens in The Brain When We Vomit? We May Have Just Found Out