Top news for 2022-12-25

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Kindness Can Have Unexpectedly Positive Consequences

50 Years Ago, Apollo Crew Gave Humanity a Christmas Gift: Our First Gaze at ‘the Blue Marble’ Still Inspiring us Today

Gov. DeSantis Calls For Grand Jury To Investigate Vaccines As Covid-19 Increases In Florida

War in Ukraine is transforming the Space domain since Nato's weapons and satellites are helping Ukraine fight Russia

Johns Hopkins Discovers New Path to Treating Age-Related Hearing Loss – “There’s More to Hearing Than the Ear”

Your Blood Group Can Predict Your Risk of Contracting This Incredibly Common Viral Disease

Fireworks and Birds: The Hidden Costs of Celebration

Happy Birthday JWST! Highlights from pre-launch, commissioning, and early release science

Webb Space Telescope Makes Stunning Discovery: Unveils Previously Shrouded Newborn Stars

How long do dogs live?