Top news for 2022-12-24

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Can Quantum Mechanics Quell the Holiday Blues?

What Is the Polar Vortex? And Other Cold-Weather Climate Questions

How To See The New ‘Christmas Comet’ From Your Backyard

New FDA Update Reaffirms Plan B ‘Morning-After Pill’ Is Not Abortion Drug

Zeptosecond Resolution: Measuring Times in Trillionths of a Billionth of a Second

NASA Discovers Pair of Super-Earths With 1,000-Mile-Deep Oceans

Rotors for Mission to Titan Tested at Langley’s Transonic Dynamics Tunnel

Get Moving To Lower Your COVID Risk: Exercise Shown To Reduce Severity of Illness

The countries launching missions to the Moon and beyond in 2023

1 in 7 Americans – Most People Don’t Seek Care for This Shockingly Common Condition