Top news for December 21, 2008

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How artificial intelligence is helping us explore the solar system

The Christmas night sky 2022: The planets pay a holiday visit

Gut-brain axis: How it works and its link to mental health

Mistletoe's Ridiculously Clingy Seeds Could Make a Biological Glue

Star Of Bethlehem 2022: How, When And Where To See A Bright Christmas Star With Your Naked Eyes

See The Final Images From NASA’s Mars InSight Lander As It Tweets An Emotional Farewell

Christmas Day Will See The Second, Final And Best Planetary Parade Of 2022

What Is the Polar Vortex? And Other Cold-Weather Climate Questions

Day 23: On Christmas Day, No Rest for the Weary. (Or the Guy Who Feeds the Penguins.)

Why Colds, Flu, and COVID-19 Are More Common in Cooler Months: Biological Explanation Uncovered