Top news for 2022-12-20

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They Created a Drug for Susannah. What About Millions of Other Patients?

COP15 Biodiversity Talks: Countries Sign On to “30x30” Conservation Plan

Endangered Australian Frog Songs Are Hopping Their Way Up The ARIA Music Chart

The ‘Tripledemic’ Holiday: How to Fly More Safely (Hint: Wear a Mask)

How Naming the James Webb Telescope Turned Into a Fight Over Homophobia

This May Be NASA Insight Lander's Final Image From Mars

A New Type of Fractal Has Been Discovered in Magnetic Ice

Ancient Humans May Have Sailed The Mediterranean 450,000 Years Ago

Longer-Lasting Benefits – A More Effective Treatment for a Common Heart Condition

On December 19th, 2022, NASA lost contact with the InSight Lander, and it’s assumed InSight may have reached its end of operations.