Top news for 2022-12-17

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'Tripledemic' Data Shows Cold and Flu Season Is Already Among the Worst on Record

The Coolidge effect demonstrates the risqué aspects of human nature. It essentially refers to the propensity of individuals to have a renewed sexual lust after being presented with novel partners who could be potential new mates.

Soyuz temperature rising but crew not in danger, says Russian space agency

A Key to Cancer Research: The Origin-of-Life Molecule

S. Korean startup Innospace seeks to launch its test launch vehicle HANBIT-TLV next week

Physics of Disaster: How Do Mudslides Move?

NASA’s Perseverance Rover to Begin Building Martian Sample Depot | NASA

Does gravity make you age more slowly?

When Did the Anthropocene Start? Scientists Closer to Saying When.

U.S. Health Officials Seek New Curbs on Private Medicare Advantage Plans