Top news for 2022-12-14

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It's Time for Congress to Support Fusion Energy

#BringBackMasks Trends As ‘Tripledemic’ Of Covid-19, RSV, Flu Worsens

Brain Implants Have Begun to Restore Functions, but Advances Are Slow

‘Disruptive,’ or Depressed? Psychiatrists Reach Out to Teens of Color

Don Lewis, Unsung Pioneer of Electronic Music, Dies at 81

Fusion 101 - Why It Matters For Climate Change And Weather Balloons

Will You See The New Christmas Star? The Truth Behind 2022’s Star Of Bethlehem

Snakes have a clitoris: scientists overcome ‘a massive taboo around female genitalia’ | Researchers say previous studies mistook the organs on female snakes as scent glands or under-developed versions of penises

Republic of Korea Air Force's new squadron to boost Korea's space operations capabilities

A Popular Sweetener Has Been Linked to Increased Anxiety in Generations of Mice