Top news for 2022-12-13

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Breakthrough in nuclear fusion could mean ‘near-limitless energy’

NASA’s Perseverance rover captured the sound of a dust devil on Mars

Wild Research Project Reveals How Future Cities on Asteroids Could Work

Winter Storm System Brings Heavy Snow and Rain Across the US

#BringBackMasks Trends As ‘Tripledemic’ Of Covid-19, RSV, Flu Worsens

Are Expensive Treatments Better? Why Misconceptions About Healthcare Are Costing Us

Continued Growth In Weather-related Technology Fuels 2023 Forecasting Trends

When The U.S. Army Bombed Mauna Loa To Turn Aside A Lava Flow

3 Ways To Exit The Role Of ‘Family Scapegoat,’ According To A Psychologist

Angry Birds: Rural Robins Get ‘Road Rage’ When Exposed To Traffic Noise