Top news for December 21, 2008

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NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission: Live updates

Tiny Vanuatu Uses Its ‘Unimportance’ to Launch Big Climate Ideas

Winter Storm System Brings Heavy Snow and Rain Across the US

An App for Naturalists Offers a Shared Sense of Reality

If you haven't seen, here are some amazing HD images taken by Orion spacecraft on it's recent flyby of the moon during Artemis I mission. All images are by NASA Johnson. (Photos may be out of order)

This Alloy Is The Toughest Known Material on Earth, And It Gets Tougher in The Cold

Large Hadron Collider Beauty (LHCb) experiment at CERN releases first set of data to the public, allowing research to be conducted by anyone in the world

First Martian Regolith Samples: NASA’s Perseverance Rover Gets the Dirt on Mars

Zurich's historic observatory constructed in 1907 houses a restaurant and exclusive bar. Because of its downtown location and light pollution, observations are limited to the moon, planets and bright celestial objects

In 1999, Ukraine converted one of its ballistic missiles into a space launch vehicle to put satellite into orbit