Top news for 2022-12-03

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NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission: Live updates

Exactly When To See Next Week’s Full ‘Cold Moon’ Rise Then Suddenly Eclipse Mars

When And How To Watch The Full Moon Occult Mars In Prime Time This Week Using Just Your Naked Eyes

SpaceX launches "Starshield" service for government customers - a derivative of Starlink

Mysterious Tendrils Inside The Brain May Control Our Perception of Time

New Cambridge Research Could Improve the Performance of EV Batteries

Why falling asleep with the lights on is bad for your health. Research shows that even with our eyes closed, our brain is aware of the light, which can increase insulin resistance and heart rate

Starlink: SpaceX sees its plans hampered for its 2nd generation satellites

Cannabis is no better than a placebo for treating pain, 20 studies show

With Mauna Loa’s Eruption, a Rare Glimpse Into the Earth