Top news for December 21, 2008

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The best sci-fi movies and TV shows to stream on Disney Plus in December

Telescopes at Best Buy: What's in stock and what's on sale this season

NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission: Live updates

FDA Considering New Approach to Blood Donation by Gay and Bisexual Men

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Could Be Trialed In Humans In 2023. Here’s What You Need To Know

See NASA’s Artemis I Orion Capsule Looking At You, And Vice Versa

Mauna Loa Eruption In Hawaii Draws Sightseers As Lava Approaches Critical Highway

What Do Sperm Whales Have To Do Late Miocene Sharks? A Lot, It Turns Out.

Overeating? Researchers Discover That These Cells May Be To Blame

Engineers Propose an Ambitious Plan to Bury Excess Carbon at The Bottom of The Ocean