Top news for 2022-11-19

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Meet the ‘Closer’ Who Finds the Right Words When Climate Talks Hit a Wall

Hypersonic Engine can hit Mach 9 on Low-Cost Jet Fuel for Suborbital Travel

Status Report on Artemis I Secondary CubeSat Payloads

I work in film. The wonderful people at Kodak Film Lab Atlanta just posted this. Figured you all would enjoy. "16mm & 35mm Kodak Motion Picture film arriving from Cape Canaveral, of a very special recent launch, at Kodak Film Lab Atlanta to be processed & scanned !"

The world's baby shortfall is so bad that the labor shortage will last for years, major employment firms predict

Scientists Have – Literally – Unearthed a Whole New Species of Tardigrade

Japan to Send Astronaut to Upcoming Lunar Space Station

Jet Engine Installed on NASA’s X-59 QueSST Quiet Supersonic Aircraft

Innospace, South Korean microsatellite launch vehicle startup to launch Brazilian military payload; first launch next month

What if You Could Go to the Hospital … at Home?